About Imbituba

Located on the South coast of the State, Imbituba is 90 km from Florianópolis the BR 101.

The average annual temperature varies between 14 and 20 degrees. With warm summers and mild winters the tourism in the city is constant.

The city has nine beautiful beaches, including Praia do Rosa, considered one of the most beautiful in the world. The beach of the village lies between the coastline and Islands, which in addition to grant a charming setting, produces the biggest and best waves from Brazil, up to five meters high, and since 2003 has become the room surf World Cup.

For stand up paddle, kitesurfing, windsurfing and beach Ibiraquera with pond of the same name is more suitable for the practice of these sports.

For those who want to rest the beaches of Port Vila, of light and of Itapirubá are real medicine against stress.

Who are willing to walk will have access to red Beach, deserted Beach and the water that was named by the streams of water coming out of the hills around you, as well as the beach cliff of same feature and that is suitable for hiking and fishing.

National capital of Whale, Imbituba receives animals from Patagonia to the Brazil of the months from June to November to have their babies to breast-feed them.

The Whale project in addition to promoting the preservation of species, offers facilities for the tourist can see the whales during the months in which they stay that way.

The local cuisine is based on seafood, especially shrimp pink which is abundant fishing in the region.

The nightlife is quite intense with lots of ballads in the summer season, winter months tourists seeking activities related to the environment.

Whatever period is always time to enjoy local hospitality in the comfort of an Inn.

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