About Ilhabela

Being one of the few municipalities marine archipelagos, Ilhabela is located on the North coast of São Paulo, in the region of Caraguatatuba.

The tropical Atlantic climate is hot and humid, where average temperatures are of 23° c. To take advantage of the heat season in Ilhabela travel in February because it's the hottest season of the place. To enjoy the chilly tourists can travel to Ilhabela in July, where the minimum is 15° c. But do you really have enough movement in the Nearby times warm from the beginning of the year.

Ilhabela is full of tourist attractions. Excursions by land and sea and the beaches of Castilians, hunger, beach Bonete Beach and others where sports are possible. To make trekking go to Baepi's peak and practice snorkelling in the Goat Island and beach rocks Girls, to swim with the fish!

Bathed by the Atlantic Ocean, Ilha Bela had her name changed several times and called Vila Bela da Princesa, Taiwan and in 1945 that had his name officially changed to Ilhabela.

In Ilhabela in July happens the sailors from around the world, called international sailing Week. Ilhabela is a place that has adventure travel and tourism also in its beaches and night clubs.

Restaurants in Ilhabela range from the simplest to the most sophisticated, as well as those by the sea and all with gastronomic variety, but having strong influence of beach cuisine with fish and seafood.

Ilhabela offers the tourists a lot of options of hotels and guesthouses to stay, places to all styles and tastes.

Ilhabela, SP
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