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Located in the bar of Paranaguá Bay, is the Ilha do Mel, Paraná state being a tourist point of great importance in the state. The island is considered the place where the best beaches of Paraná. The four sights of the Honey Island are the Fortress which is north, Nova Brasilia and the Lighthouse of the Shells in the central and Charmed part which is south. The tourist attractions of Ilha do Mel are its beautiful beaches, the Lighthouse of the Shells, the Fortress of Our Lady of Joy who is in Whale Hill foothills, the Grotto of the Charmed and the Isthmus (better known to locals as Pass Pass ). Those who enjoy boating have options through the Honey Island, which is a starting point for many excursions in the area, such as short walks out of the Island, Bay Dolphin Island and Parts. In addition to boat tours, visitors can also go hiking trails on the island through woods and the sea. The three basic tracks in the region pass through the Lighthouse of the Shells, the Isthmus and Fortaleza, and the Enchanted Cave. Surf lovers are in Ilha do Mel many points for the sport. The Honey Island offers choices of hotels, hostels and campgrounds in their the four sights. It also has restaurants and bars serving the best of coastal cuisine with its seafood and more choices between meat and pasta. To get to the Ilha do Mel transportation is done by boat that leaves from Pontal do Sul or Paranaguá, with regular lines every day at the times of 08:00 and 17:00, in addition to vessels freight options other times. During high season the movement is greater for the Island. The landing points are the Nova Brasilia and Enchanted beaches.

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