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The Tinharé Island is in the municipality of Cairu, in the state of Bahia. It is surrounded by the Morro de São Paulo, Garapuá, Gamboa and Galleon. To get to the village you have to go via the catamaran vessel or boat and is not allowed movement of cars on site. In Tinharé are beautiful beaches, hills and rivers of the Atlantic. Are made tours around the Tinharé lasting one day, where tourists can enjoy the natural swimming pools of Morere and Garapuá. Also make dives to see the fish in the clear waters and enjoy the restaurant boat services. The boat ride out to the Third Beach. On the island there are lots of restaurants offering typical local food, seafood and also others like pizza, snacks and more. In Tinharé there are plenty of hotels that are quiet, warm and welcomed by very kind people places.

Cairu, BA
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May 25, 2017