Ilha de Marajó

About Ilha de Marajó

Located in the state of Para, the Marajo Island at the mouth of the Amazon River, is the largest island and the largest maritime fluvial island in the world. Many trips can be made on Marajó Island, such as horseback riding, touring on the back of a buffalo is the animal symbol of the island, one can observe the ibis birds are red feathers and found in the ponds of the Island, fishing, the alligators, jungle trekking, river rafting, ride a bike the beaches and many other adventures. Sights on Marajó Island, are the Marajó Museum, the Church of Our Lady of the Conception, Ruins of Joanes, the Farm Araruna, Fazenda Bom Jesus, and of course the beautiful beaches such as Fishing Beach, the Beach Barra Velha, Joanes Beach, Sky Beach, Grande Beach Salvaterra and many other amazing places. His artificial hills are known as stiff (rigid), and were built by local Indians in the past. Marajó Island has also featured as the site which has the largest herd of buffalo in Brazil. On Marajó Island are several protected areas, such as the Environmental Protection Area of ​​the Marajó Archipelago, Bacurizal of Forest Ecological Reserve and Lake Caraparu, the Extractive Reserve Mapuá, Charapucu State Park, Marine Extractive Reserve of Soure and others. Occur in Marajó Island shows of dances carimbó and Lundu, which are folk and crafts on the island is also much sought after for being too rich. Gangs also the Festival and the ox Bumbá happen in Marajó. To eat in Marajó sites are simple restaurants offering delicious food, often prepared by the owners of the establishments. The typical island foods are delicacies such as fish, dishes made with tucupi, the crab and the buffalo barbecue. To stay in Marajó tourists find options such as hotels, and also some farm that offer it. The best time to visit Marajo is in the summer because in winter many places on the island are flooded.

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