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The Boipeba is located in the municipality of Cairu, southern coast of Bahia. Saviour airport leave small planes to the island, with flights lasting on average 30 minutes, but there are also options for those arriving by car or bus. Maximum temperatures range between 26 ° C and 31 ° C during the year. In the months April to June concentrate the largest volumes of rain. Boipeba is known for its natural beauty and its diversity of ecosystems. It was recognized by UNESCO as a biosphere reserve and World Heritage Site. The forests provide a home for many species of Brazilian fauna. The reefs that stretch along the coast make the beaches protected from waves and currents, so the sea is calm and inviting for swimming and diving. The beaches have warm waters, white sands, are surrounded by palm trees, and keep wide variety of corals, algae, fish, sea urchins and starfish. Sea turtles are also present because of spawning in the sands of the beaches. The tours are a great way to unravel the native charms. To launch the tour is done around the island past the pools and beaches. The canoe ride through the mangroves provides observation of vegetation and birds. The forest the variety of trees, birds and wild animals impress. Boipeba Island is one of the oldest settlement sites of the state, has streets with more than three centuries of existence. The village of Old Boipeba is of great importance, there is the most important historical monument; the Church of the Holy Spirit, built by the Jesuits around 1610. In restaurants the most demanding dish is shrimp stew with plantain, but the fish stews and other dishes made with octopus, lobster and shellfish are also very appreciated. To the island do not cross car, this aspect plays a very important role in environmental preservation and stimulates eco-tourism. The high season starts right after Christmas and lasts until the end of the carnival, but throughout the year you can enjoy the wonders that this paradise offers to its visitors staying in their beautiful inns.

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Jan 18, 2019