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R. José Silva Figueiredo 144, Jardim Três Marias, Guarujá SP 11440-440BR

Pousada Solar da Ilha


About Pousada Solar da Ilha

The Pousada Solar da Ilha is located in Guarujá - São Paulo - 350 m from the Beach of Enseada in Guarujá. The pousada has an outdoor swimming pool, hot tub, WiFi, garden, terrace, 24-hour reception, parking, bar and a delicious breakfast.
Feed Hot tub Smoking Allowed
Breakfast Sport and Leisure Technology
  Pool Wireless Internet (WiFi)
Treatment   Reception Cellular
24 Hour Reception Payment (Claro)
  Cash Reception Mobile (TIM)
Comfort and Convenience   Cell Phone Reception
Parking Policies (Live)
Garden Pets Voltage 110V
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User of theKekanto
December 18, 2016
The price may be reasonable but the conditions are terrible, the bed is bad, I slept for two nights and I was left with a stiff neck, the shower is horrible, the box you're loose ( a danger), the mini-fridge doesn't have any coke, I had to go out and buy and not gela right, the breakfast is from 08h to 10h I arrived at 09:20 and there was nothing, nor spare, the ofuro is broken, because it does not heats up, outside of that the Wi-Fi drops all the time, I don't know if it has been improving but it really was a disappointment, would not return! [Courtesy ofKekanto]
User of theKekanto
March 5, 2016
Perfect place to enjoy a season in harmony and without well attended. The Hotel has it all. There's nothing better than taking that breakfast, facing the beach. It's in and feel at home. Tv, internet, air conditioning and balcony to enjoy with all the glamour. Worth checking out, reserve antem because arrive in face and courage and have no vacancies is disappointing. [Courtesy ofKekanto]
User of theKekanto
November 28, 2015
I stayed with my family in August 2015, although already make some time, I couldn't help but share my opinion on the unusual experience.
Hardly ever stay in a hotel without checking the reviews before, but as it was a closed package by sister promotion decided to risk it. It was during the week and in the low season, we value good care, but literally the cheap expensive. Once there, the Inn was simple, as I expected, but the first surprise was that the photos of the site cheated enough. Upon arriving in the room we were greeted by Mrs. Roach, okay that beach has cheap, but right off the bat, it's not what makes a good impression. Let's face it, lol. The rooms were large and clean, though there was no blankets and bathroom window was broken. To finish, the worst point was by far the breakfast, not too late, breakfast very simple, no longer had the fruit and no milk, we got the milk but the fruit they said there was no replacement, the bread had a bad appearance and all the cups and plates was disposable. As I had made the payment and we'd be gone all day, we were the 3 days, but we went out for coffee outside the other two, which ended in causing a unplanned spending. The location is not near the beach, but close to supermarket, pharmacy and Bank. The receptionists were very nice. Of course, it depends on what we expect from the site, if it's just a local p sleep and shower without the slightest whim, meets the requirement. In my opinion, don't nominate and. [Courtesy ofKekanto]
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User of theKekanto
July 27, 2014
Some close friends stayed there, I recommended the location, structure and services. They stayed at the Inn for two nights of new year of 2013/2014. Always going to the Inn for them to go the Guarujá beaches.
In the pousada itself there are good activities for relaxing/fun with ofuro, pool and network to NAP.

Recommend. [Courtesy ofKekanto]
User of theKekanto
June 4, 2013
Located on the beach of the Cove, we spent 3 days at Pousada Solar da Ilha. In front of the door of the room has a pretty garden and a network. (what else do I want?)
The hostel offers internet-wifi, pool, hot tub, room service (and cleaning) ... tv (only open channels), air conditioning, minibar (if prefir supply you with own inputs, is charged an additional charge 15.00) and private bathroom.
Breakfast is complimentary and sooo simple.
Besides having the Extra hypermarket beside the pousada also have drugstores, restaurants and mc donalds.
The price is high over compensates by tranquility. [Courtesy ofKekanto]
User of theKekanto
February 9, 2013
GREAT HOME COOKING. Cheap and cozy [Courtesy ofKekanto]
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User of theKekanto
November 23, 2011
Even living in Guarujá was at the Inn with some friends and we enjoyed a lot, great service!

Around súpe-markets, pharmacy, restaurants ... etc..

Very good indeed! [Courtesy ofKekanto]
User of theKekanto
July 19, 2011
I found myself without accommodations in my apartment, to receive more friends yet, what did?
I pointed out all my people that were coming from Tabuaté-SP, for staying at Pousada Solar da Ilha, can, assert them was a great success, so much so that the place with much satisfaction. [Courtesy ofKekanto]