About Guarapari

Guarapari is a municipality of the state of the Holy Spirit and is 51km away from the capital Victoria. As the state's leading tourist spot the city attracts people from around the world for its natural beauty and with more than 30 beaches in all, Guarapari is well structured in its network of hospitality that attracts thousands of Durantes summer tourists. Some of the city's sights are aquatic clubs, aquariums, marine exhibits, diving trips and of course its beautiful beaches and some of the best known and sought after by tourists and residents of Guarapari, are the beach of Santa Monica, which is Three Beaches a set of small beaches without waves and with green and clear water. Also the beach Setiba Pina, Morro Beach, Valentine Beach, Chestnut and Half, Blue Creek and many other beautiful and idyllic. In Guarapari is located in its northernmost State Park Paulo Cesar Vineyard, which has 1,500 hectares and protects the ecosystem of sandbanks, which is a rich flora of orchids, bromeliads, clusias and other typical. The fauna is varied with agoutis, boa constrictors, raccoons, deer and many others. The lagoons are reddish water and karai Lagoon is the only open for visitation. Tourists can also walk on the trail and trail clusia Restinga. Guarapari has delicious cuisine, as the flavors of Espirito Santo food are a big draw. Food based on seafood can enjoy the moqueca that different from Bahia is not made with palm oil and coconut milk, capixaba pie, muma crab and tasty caranguejada. Also the peach palm palm is widely used in cooking and Espirito Santo is planted in the region of the mountains. The city has all the structure in addition to the beaches, waterfalls, diving spots, shopping, places of worship, very busy nightlife, small squares, promenades, ponds, playground, hippie fair and more. The hotels in Guarapari is rich in hotels, ranging from simple and family, to the most luxurious and are found in all parts of the city, giving tourists the option to choose the best location to stay.

Guarapari, ES
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