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The mountain village of Guaramiranga is in the protected area of ​​Baturité Massif. The capital Fortaleza is 110 km by the EC-060 and EC-065. With altitude of 865 meters above sea level, temperatures are mild and vary between 14 ° C and 25 ° C, but in July the minimum can reach 12 ° C. The characteristic vegetation of the Atlantic Forest impresses tourists with a different scenario of Ceará. The city is ideal for those who want contact with nature. Multiple locations one can see the viewpoint of the High Peak, with 1115 meters of altitude is the second highest elevation in the state and the third from the northeast. From above gives sight the transition from mountain to the hinterland, part of the river Pacoti and spectacular sunsets. The line of Serra has average altitude of 950 meters and panoramic views of the entire region. Another attraction is located in an environmental protection area, the trails of the park offers six nature trails and adventure sports like rappelling and zip lining. The Battlefield exercises activities focused on education and the environment, the site receives animals seized by Ibama for the purpose of re-adaptation of species to their habitat. Parks waterfall and the Ecological reserve also good options for ecotourism. The religious buildings are noteworthy for preserving great beauty and history. The parish church Our Lady of Conception, the Monastery of the Jesuits, and the Image of Our Lady are traditional sights of those coming to the city. The restaurants serve well prepared dishes, passing through the northeastern cuisine to international, always accompanied by wine. And to ward off the chill a nice hot chocolate can not miss. Those looking to escape the bustle of the coast during the carnival, looking for the "Cearense Switzerland" to enjoy the Jazz and Blues Festival which animates the cold nights. Cold, good food, beautiful inns and interaction with nature attract the general public that seeks peace and relaxation.

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