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About Guapé

Guapé will a beautiful city in Minas Gerais just 293km from the capital Belo Horizonte and has as main attraction being bathed by Furnas Lake. The climate is hot and has Guapé rainfall distributed throughout the year with the months of June, July and August as the driest. The average annual rainfall is 1501 mm and the average annual temperature is 20.6 degrees Guapé. Guapé is sought for tourism mainly due to the Furnas Lake, beautiful scenery and numerous waterfalls. The practice of nautical sports on Lake Furnas and fishing are very sought by travelers to Guapé. The city is also destination of those seeking radical tourism as abseiling and gliding. Ecotourism is also strong in the region with a variety of entertainment and fun integrated nature in the form of walks and trails. The waterfalls in Guapé also are an attractive far fetched for those who enjoy ecotourism. The best known waterfalls in Guapé are: Wolf Waterfall, Waterfall Hell, Macuco Waterfall, Garimpo Waterfall, Waterfall Clean Water, Hot Capon Waterfall, Face Waterfall, Waterfall Mill. The Ecologio Park Seawall is undoubtedly one of the main sights of Guapé. The park offers beautiful rock formations, stunning views and three waterfalls, and hiking, climbing and abseiling. Carnival in Guapé is one of the hottest in the region. The festival lasts all day on the shores of Lake Furnas and night in the main square of the city. The cuisine in Guapé is diverse with many fish-based dishes of the region and of course the traditional mining gastronomy. The hosting network is diverse offering several inns on the shore of Lake Furnas and in the city center.

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