About Gonçalves

Gonçalves is a city of Minas Gerais, located in Pouso Alegre region and is part of the tourism circuit Serras Verdes South of Minas. With tropical climate, summers in the city are mild with influence of altitude of the Mantiqueira. The winter Gonçalves the weather gets colder and drier, but it's that time of year that tourism is strong in the city. Gonçalves has many leisure attractions, eco tourism, adventure, romance and gastronomy! Some of the well known sites are its waterfalls, such as waterfall of seven falls, also the peaks and cliffs where the mountains exceed 2000 meters in height. Also the Serra da Mantiqueira where Gonçalves is located, is already a major tourist attraction in the city. The city of Gonçalves was founded in 1878 and was once the neighboring district of Paraisópolis. The restaurants also did not lag behind. Gonçalves offers many choices of cuisine and of course, the city tourists find the delicious typical dishes mining. In Gonçalves tourists find many accommodation options in hotels around the city, where many of them have incredible views of the Mantiqueira. The comfort and responsiveness are guaranteed.

Gonçalves, MG
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