Estr. da Terra Fria S/N Km 8, Terra Fria, Gonçalves MG 37680-000BR

Pousada Passaredo


About Pousada Passaredo

The Pousada Passaredo is located in Gautam-Minas Gerais-8 Km from the city centre and from the bus station. The hotel offers outdoor swimming pool, tennis court, sauna, Garden, terrace, restaurant, bar, WiFi, parking, 12:0 am reception and a delicious breakfast.

Feed Dry Sauna Smoking Allowed
Breakfast Sport and Leisure Technology
Restaurant Pool Wireless Internet (WiFi)
  Tennis court Reception Cellular
Treatment Solarium / Terrace (Claro)
24 Hour Reception   Cell Phone Reception (Hi)
  Payment Reception Mobile (TIM)
Comfort and Convenience Cash Cell Phone Reception
Parking   (Live)
Parking Uncovered Policies Voltage 110V
Garden Pets  
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User of theKekanto
July 27, 2015
Very good! I was well taken care of from the moment I arrived to the time I go!
The cabin is very clean and cozy, each cottage has their area to light fire or lie on the network.
In front of the chalets passes a brook that makes that knocking noise water well relaxing!

The breakfast was great! with fruit, breads (pepperoni, and French), cold cuts (mortadella, ham and cheese), cakes and cheese bread *-* Had 3 types of juices, teas, coffee and milk.

However the restaurant of the pousada does not work always, the only time it worked was for dinner on Saturday, you had to warn that it would request dinner and already wanted the menu in advance for them to prepare. But that wasn't a problem because Regina gave us great restaurants nearby.

There you turn off the world no signal on my phone and wifi only get at the reception.

On the grass, where you step has, you can grab some pine nuts and make the fire, is a delight.

The trails that the Inn has, are really difficult but fun. You have to have a good physical fitness and mood, because it is in the middle of the Woods trail. So has several obstacles (tree trunks, roots, branches, tall grass, stones, etc.), you have to be very careful because it's too cold, the earth turns to mud and slippery enough. Has several sections that you may fall into the Creek in a slip rs is sooo cold at night, so the heater it does not help anything. But they gave us 5 blankets, then gave it to sleep warm

The shower is wonderful kkkkkkk water as hell and with a good pressure, warm *-* I really enjoyed there and plan to go back, because it is near some waterfalls and rocks!

The roads are all dirt, sometimes it's hard to ride in a car there (has many steep ascents as well), especially if you have a car like my 1.0, then you will suffer some rs per day out for a real, 200 and you can combine a late check out for an extra fee, but worth it!

PS * I couldn't find any place there (outside the gas station) that pass card, it was all the money, including the Inn! And there's No 12:0 am box, only banco bradesco and banco do Brazil. [Courtesy ofKekanto]
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User of theKekanto
June 14, 2015
Terrible experience, Indian not!
I booked a cabin for the weekend, the site said that the breakfast was till 12hrs saw how an attractive since the hostels tend to offer coffee just until 10 or 11. I arrived on Friday and the Regina Inn owner proved helpful, but seemed more a seller wanted and insistently until being embarrassing wanted us we bought dinner, talking bad about the food of the places of the city.
I went to the cottage, the toilet was dirty, in the morning I found out that the poster in the room said breakfast was up to the 11:30 and when I went to ask I was told that it was up to the 11.
The breakfast is poor is precarious, all told, you don't feel the urge to eat, Regina screams and walks across the room telling you what each couple puts on the plate, the experience was terrible.
Over the ham and she doesn't reset asked if had more and she said it's over, then he brought a bit of ham and said he found.
I ordered an egg and the employee brought but then Regina said he had for the next day. [Courtesy ofKekanto]
June 9, 2015
February 2, 2014