About Goiás

The state of Goiás is in eastern Midwest, the Plateau Central Brazil and its capital is the city of Goiania. The main places to visit in Goiás are eco tourism, history and culture, as the Art Museum of Goiânia, State Museum Teacher Zoroaster Artiaga, the Memorial of the Cerrado, the world heritage sites Emas National Park, Chapada National Park Veadeiros and the Goiás History Center. There are many waterfalls, caves, caves and archaeological sites in Goiás. In the cultural tourism an important place to meet is the Hippie Fair in Goiânia which is the largest open air in Latin America. The fauna in the state of Goiás is very rich with animals of various species such as capybaras, tapirs, jaguars in the forests, monkeys, anteaters, emus and seriemas in the cerrado and several lakes that exist in the state, are a varied kind of fish and amphibians. The events that occur in the state are among the many cultural, religious and other, such as Carnival, the feast of the Divine Pilgrimages Eternal Father, the Congada of Catalan, the Cavalhadas Pirenópolis, Rodeo Bulls in the city of Rio Verde and cultural events as FICA (International Festival of Environmental Film and Video). With a diverse cooking the main dishes of Goiás are fish in tile, SUA accompanied by rice, Goias pie whose main ingredient guariroba, rice with pequi, the mush, homemade biscuits breaker, lie, cheese biscuit and many other special treats that are traditional in the state. The state is also known for being the birthplace of the singers Zeze Di Camargo and Luciano, Leandro and Leonardo, Amado Batista, Uó Band and many others of the art, music and television. There are several lodging options in Goiás for every taste and every budget. Both in the capital and in the municipalities of Goiás, are many hotels to cater to tourists.