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Garopaba is on the South coast of Santa Catarina, Imbituba and abuts with Paulo Lopes. Are 93 km from Florianópolis through BR-101.

The annual general temperature is 18° C, but during the summer the thermometers reach 40° C mark. In winter the average is at 10° c.

Nature presented Garopaba with the most beautiful beaches and with the illustrious visit of Southern Right whales that are out of the Antarctic winter between June and November, to breed and suckle their young.

Two companies carry out the observer scheme on vessels with the assistance of expert guides. Who want to can see the whales ashore, in Praia do Rosa.

Throughout the summer season, the city receives about 140 thousand tourists who seek largely the beaches in the region, many of them with good conditions for surfing, as in the case of beaches, Red bar, Gamboa and the rust that besides good waves, shelters, kiosks, bars, sand dunes and crystal-clear sea.

The beaches of Garopaba, Silveira and the watchman feature calm seas ideal for bathing and beautiful scenery. The dunes are the highlight of the beach Siriú, meeting point of practitioners of sandboarding.

In the script the religious tip is to visit the our Lady of Lourdes Grotto and the Igreja Matriz de São Joaquim that has features of Azorean style. The boat trip in summer season takes visitors and lovers of diving to Coral Island, 45 minutes from the coast.

The typical dishes are the caiçara kitchen, prepared with seafood. But there is a range of restaurants to suit all tastes.

The name Garopaba comes from the Guaraní language and means Bay of boats. Since 1970 the town has been frequented by tourists coming from all parts of the country and the world.

The natural beauty combined with the beautiful inns and hospitality of the community create a welcoming environment to rest and entertainment.

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