R. das Garoupas 50, Praia da Ferrugem, Garopaba SC 88495-000BR

Pousada Ferrujão


About Pousada Ferrujão

Pousada Ferrujão is situated in Garopaba - Santa Catarina - Praia da Rust and 8 km from the waterfall Zanela. The guesthouse has parking, restaurant, room service, barbecue area, outdoor swimming pool, WiFi, bar, 24 hour reception and a delicious breakfast.

Feed Sport and Leisure Services
Bar Pool Room service
Restaurant Payment Technology
  Cash Wireless Internet (WiFi)
Treatment   Reception Cellular
24 Hour Reception Policies (Claro)
  Pets Cell Phone Reception (Hi)
Comfort and Convenience Smoking Allowed Reception Mobile (TIM)
BBQ   Cell Phone Reception
Parking   (Live)
Parking Uncovered   Voltage 220V
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User of theKekanto
January 5, 2014
Optimal requested for lunch and dinner !! In the Praia do Rust - Garopaba SC, point of surfers, offers accomodation. I checked the restaurant. Good service. Varied menu. Accessible prices. Example: chicken parmesan dish with rice and chips for 16 reais. Good quality. [Courtesy ofKekanto]
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User of theFoursquare
April 4, 2013
Come meet the Inn, great place to enjoy the find with family and friends! [Courtesy ofFoursquare]
User of theFoursquare
January 9, 2013
Great place to spend holidays with friends. Excellent location, services and people in the hotel is quite snake and "flexible" with regard to standards. [Courtesy ofFoursquare]
User of theFoursquare
January 5, 2013
The breakfast is very complete and for good measure you can enjoy the image of the beach just across the street. [Courtesy ofFoursquare]
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User of theKekanto
April 4, 2012
Very good hostel, on the boardwalk, room facing the sea with wi-fi, air conditioning, and a balcony with a hammock.
Otimo preco.no most corner of the surf. [Courtesy ofKekanto]
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User of theFoursquare
December 26, 2011
The hostel has an excellent breakfast with a view I do to I do the beach of rust. The back of a balada\boate take your sleep until late. If you want to get up early, complicates [Courtesy ofFoursquare]
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