About Florianópolis

Florianópolis was named in 1894 in honor of the then president, Floriano Peixoto. The city was dubbed affectionately as "Floripa" and is the capital of the state of Santa Catarina, composed of the island of Santa Catarina, some small islands that surround it and the mainland. Florianópolis is well known for its high quality of life, the being capital of Brazil, which has the highest score in the HDI (Human Development Index). In total there are 42 two beach belonging to the capital that is a center of surfing activity. Florianópolis has been cited and praised by the national media, such as Veja magazine and also international, as The New York Times and Newsweek. The city is considered as the best place to visit or live in Brazil. Florianópolis has a very hot summer and in winter the cold is intense, being the third city colder Brazil, after Curitiba and Porto Alegre. So, there are options for tourism in all seasons. During the summer, the beaches of options are numerous and each has its own peculiarity. The tourists can see the beautiful beaches of Florianópolis that are sought by people around the world, and the most famous are the Jurerê beach located in the northern part of the island, British beach, beach Canasvieiras, Barra da Lagoa beach which is in the Lesta island and many other options that offer facilities such as bars, restaurants, shops, hotels and inns. In winter good options are the walks in the historic center of the capital. Go to Cruz e Sousa Palace is a great leaves, as well as the Public Market and the Customs House. To indulge in the cuisine in Florianopolis, a must-see destination is Ribeirão da Ilha, gastronomic center of the city and most of the restaurants have decks or Piers advancing into the sea from within. Ribeirão da Ilha is the perfect place to enjoy oysters mainly in Florianopolis.

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