Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How do I make a reservation?

Our booking process is simple! Using the search box, select the desired place or inn; enter the dates of arrival and departure; enter the number of accommodation with their guests, and finally click the "Search" button. Then a list of available options will be submitted along with details and prices, use the filters and officers to organize the list according to your criteria. Choose the option you prefer and click "Book" starting the booking process. Once you start the booking process, you simply follow the navigation flow in 4 steps, filling with requested data. To secure a booking you must indicate a form of payment and, where appropriate, make payment online for a sign. Upon confirmation of payment, in the fourth step, your reservation request will be completed. The final confirmation of booking will happen immediately or in a few hours.

What are the prerequisites to make a reservation?

Anyone can make a reservation, provided you have access to one of the forms of payment accepted on our platform.

Why should I pay a deposit when booking?

The signal is typically a percentage of the reservation stipulated by the inn. Ditto to guarantee the reservation and to cover the initial costs of hosting. Remember that, except in cases where the signal equals the full price, the rest of the reservation must be paid directly to the hotel at the time of lodging.

You can make a reservation last minute?

Yes! All accommodation listed on the site is bookable. We note however that some reservations go through a * Revision Availability * It can take up to $ responseWaitTime hours. Therefore, reservations made on less than $ responseWaitTime hours notice may not have enough time to be confirmed. Keep an eye out! If your reservation entered * Review of Availability * you should monitor the situation. While waiting, you can withdraw the reservation. ** Do not go to the inn until you have received final confirmation of availability. **

You can book a room for someone else?

Yes after confirmed booking, you can enter the names of the guests if the booking is not for you. At least one guest for accommodation should be of age. We suggest that you forward the e-mail confirmation to the person to whom you made the booking.

You can make a reservation for a group?

Yes The search tool lets you select how many accommodations you want to book as soon as the amount of guests. So you even can arrange the booking according to your needs.

You can make special requests to the inn?

In some cases we can help you with special requests. Use our [contact form] (/ contact) to describe what you want and intermediaremos near the hostel. We do not guarantee service to these requests since each lodge has its own policy may or may not accept it.

What are the codes Locator / NIP and because I need to save them?

These are the codes that identify and allow access to your reservation on our platform, respectively. ** Store them with zeal! ** Besides giving access to information (personal) of your booking, only with them you can request cancellation of booking if necessary.

How is the confirmation of a reservation by the inn?

Confirmation is made by own inn through our platform, either immediately (in an automatic way) or * after * Availability of Revision. Once the hotel confirms your reservation shoot an email to you. ** No need to get in touch directly with the hotel to confirm your reservation. **

Why is my book review of availability?

Do not worry. There is no problem with your reservation. This only means that we are waiting to confirm inn, permanently, the availability of your accommodation. So ensure that the accommodation was not reserved for third parties for other sales channels of the inn. During the * availability * Review your accommodation will remain locked in our platform and payment will be pending until final confirmation to occur. Pending **, you can give up the reservation without charge if desired. If the reservation is not confirmed, payment will also be canceled. **

So how long can lead to Review Availability?

The maximum is $ responseWaitTime hours, which is reduced if the booking is made less than $ responseWaitTime hours in advance. We note that $ ** responseWaitTime hours is the maximum time. In fact actively work with the hotels to the confirmations occur more quickly if possible up to $ bestResponseWaitTime hours. **

Can I withdraw the reservation during the Review Availability?

Sure. During this period you may withdraw the reservation at no cost. For this you must make the cancellation online via "My Booking". Please have the codes Locator / NIP.

Should I wait for the confirmation e-mail?

Yes Always shoot an e-mail notification to our guests when your reservations are confirmed. In some cases, there may be loss or late delivery of this email. If this occurs, you should monitor the booking status online by visiting the "My Booking". Please have the codes Locator / NIP. Add ** $ postEmail address to your list of trusted senders to ensure that our messages are considered "Junk" (SPAM) by mistake. **

Once confirmed, my reservation is guaranteed?

After confirmation, your reservation is guaranteed by the inn for the dates and types of accommodation / board chosen by you. Besides, the accommodation reserved for you will be blocked definitively on our platform.

Can I change my booking after confirmation?

Unfortunately you can not make changes to confirmed reservations. You have the option to cancel your reservation and rebook via our platform. ** Please note that, to cancel your reservation, you will be subject to cancellation rules and relinquish the guarantees of price and availability. Moreover, until the new reservation is confirmed, the accommodations desired may also vary in price and availability. **

My reservation may be canceled after confirmation by the inn?

Only truly exceptional situations may lead to the cancellation of your reservation by the hotel upon confirmation. If this occurs you will be notified immediately. Estornaremos the full amount paid by you at time of booking. ** All cases of cancellation after confirmation are accompanied by our team for this disorder is minimized whenever possible. **

What is the policy of canceling a reservation?

The "Cancellation Policy" of a reservation is presented to you during the buying process, before payment. Subsequently, it can also be found on the page "My Reservation" or e-mail confirmation sent to you. It defines terms and amounts for refund or cancellation penalty fee.

How do I cancel a reservation?

The cancellation of a reservation can be done directly by you through the page "My Booking". You have full autonomy to perform it when you want, provided you have at hand codes Locator / PIN of your booking. No ** contact the hostel because she can not make the cancellation for you. **

I can only request the cancellation of a reservation online?

Yes, canceling a reservation can only be made online via the page "My Booking". Moreover, only in possession of the codes Locator / PIN you can request this cancellation.

What is the deadline to request cancellation of a reservation?

All confirmed reservations can be canceled at any time. However, the refund amount will follow according to the "Cancellation Policy" of booking.

When canceling a reservation will charge some fee or fine?

Upon cancellation can be no imposition of fine or issue refund according to the following "Cancellation Policy" of your booking.

As will be charged a penalty?

In absence cancellation penalty fee, this will be charged at the same payment method used to make the reservation.

How do I request reimbursement of cancellation?

It is not necessary that you ask for a refund. This will be done automatically once we receive the request for cancellation of your reservation.

When the refund will be processed?

Most of the time your refund will be processed immediately. However in resguardamos with a maximum of $ maxRefundProcessingTime days to perform it in exceptional cases where the automatic processing will not occur for some reason beyond our direct control. There may be a time to elapse between the request processing and receiving repayment depends primarily on the payment processing company and to which we have no control. ** We work hard to process your refund as soon as possible. **

How will I get a refund?

The refund will be credited in the same payment method used to make the booking. When this is not possible we will contact you.

Why should I cancel a reservation without a refund?

The early cancellation can prevent or minimize the incidence of fines. Also, when canceling a reservation, accommodation allocated to your hosting will be available for other guests who will appreciate your kindness.

What if I have a problem with my reservation?

If the problem is related to using the site, you should contact us as soon as it is convenient, to open a prompt service. For problems related to the hosting itself, you should first try to talk with the manager of the inn. In most cases, a simple conversation solves the problem. If you have difficulties to resolve it with the inn, call the travel agent to support your reservation. ** Every booking made through our platform is supported by a travel agency accredited. This ensures treatment, and whenever possible the satisfactory resolution of problems related to your hosting. **

How do I open a service request?

Just go to our contact page and fill out the service. If you already have a reservation with us and want to talk about it, you should have on hand codes Locator / NIP.

How do I track a request for assistance?

When opening a request, you will receive an e-mail with the necessary instructions to accompany her. Also will notify you whenever there's an update.

When should I contact the travel agency?

You should contact the travel agency to support your reservation whenever a problem occurs with hosting and you can not resolve it directly with the hostel. ** We emphasize that you should first try to resolve the problem directly with the hostel management. Only when this option is exhausted you should seek the help of the travel agency. **

Where do I find the contact details of the travel agency?

The contact details of the travel agency support to your booking can be found on the "My Book" as well as the email confirmation sent to you upon booking.

The published price includes all fees and taxes?

Yes Prices shown are always late already including all fees and taxes. No surprises there. ** An exception to the Service Fee charged by some hotels. This fee is intended to reward employees and must be paid directly to the hostel. When incident, reported its percentage in the reservation details before payment. **

The published price is offered directly by the same inn?

There is no guarantee that prices offered online are the same negotiated directly with the hostel. However, the published prices online are defined directly by the inn, without any interference on our part. Therefore, any discrepancies are due solely from the hostel pricing for different sales channels.

What forms of payment do you accept?

** For your convenience, we work only with payment methods whose processing the refund can be done automatically. ** We work with credit cards from Visa, Mastercard, Diners, American Express, Link, Discover, JCB and Aura. We accept payments through benefit cards issued by [ECX Card] ( We also accept payments through the [PayPal] ( All forms of payment accepted by PayPal are available to our customers. ** In Brazil, PayPal accepts credit cards from Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Link, Hyper and HiperCard, as well as the debit account in the banks Santander, HSBC and Citibank. **

Why is it safe to make a payment online?

All transactions on our platform are implemented securely using best practices and industry standards in terms of encryption and data protection. Our payments are processed by leading companies in the sector: [Cielo] (, the [ECX Card] ( and [PayPal] ( These companies act as intermediaries of the transaction directly, enabling us to make the payment or refund of your booking without having direct access to your financial data. Furthermore, we take very seriously the confidentiality and security of all personal data which we are exposed. If you want to know more, read our [Privacy Policy] (/ privacy). Our ** direct access to your sensitive data such as password, number of credit card or bank account is limited and transient. Never store this data. **

When the online payment will be processed effectively?

When making a reservation on our platform, we will request a pre-authorization of payment by the financial transaction processing company. This means that payment will remain pending. Only after the final confirmation of booking (which may occur instantly after authorization) ask that the payment is in fact effective. ** While the payment is pending, a financial transaction processing company may block your account resources or allocate part of the limit of your card to temporarily cover the operation. **

How do I pay the remaining amount to the inn?

The balance of your booking must be paid directly to the hostel. Therefore, you should do so using a form of payment that is accepted by the inn. Forms of payment accepted by the inn are listed in the "Rules of the Inn" to your reservation.

What types of pension offered by the inn?

Each hotel defines the types of pension accompanying their accommodations. The pension is included in the price of accommodation and is published prominently in search results, pages reservation, as well as e-mail confirmation. On site work with 5 types of pension: * no power; * Breakfast, * half board (breakfast + lunch or dinner); * full board (breakfast + lunch and dinner); * all inclusive (all drinks and meals). The same accommodation may be listed in multiple reservation options varying only the type of pension. You will notice that the search results, stay tuned to choose from!

What is the policy of the hostel for accommodation of children?

Each hotel sets its own policy for employment of children. When doing a search, enter the correct amount of accommodation for adults and children. So we will show only the options available to fit your need. ** Remember that you must inform the age that children have on the entry of your booking, not their current age. **

What are the times of entry and exit in a hostel?

Each hotel defines their times of entry and exit. You can find them in the "Rules of the Inn" to your reservation.

I can give input on different time stipulated by the inn?

You can enter after the time stipulated by the inn since that is the date of your booking. If you need to enter before the time should contact the hostel to inquire about this possibility. If you can not attend on the date of entry, you must notify the hotel of the delay.

Why should warn you that I will be late to give input?

If you do not notify the hotel that will be late, coming a day after the arrival date, the guest may consider this as a no-show ("no-show").

What happens if I do not attend the hostel on the day of entry?

In case of non-attendance on the date of entry ("no-show") your booking may be canceled entirely by the inn, without reimbursement, and accommodation available for new bookings. If you can not attend on the day of entry, notify the hostel for the delay.

You can shorten / lengthen the hosting after giving input?

This can only be determined directly with hostel. In general, your reservation is guaranteed only for confirmed dates, period. However, you are free to check with the hotel if there is a possibility of daily reimbursement in case of shortening, or the availability of the accommodation in case of prolongation.

How does the rating in star hotels?

The star rating of the website is based on the opinion of guests who stayed in hotels previously and can incorporate data from other official sources such as [TripAdvisor] ( To contribute, guests must complete the evaluation form reserved the hostel that will be available to fill after the hosting. ** We emphasize that our star rating is not related, replace, or equates the classification provided by the Ministry of Tourism. **

How do I submit my review?

You will receive an email inviting you to complete our evaluation form $ reviewGracePeriod days after completion of your booking. The form is short and filling fast. You have $ reviewDeadline days to send it.

Why is not my assessment online?

If your assessment has not yet been published very likely it is awaiting review. Please check back in a few days. If even after a few days it is not yet published, it may be that she has been dismissed for violating our [Terms of Use] (/ terms). For questions, please contact our staff for clarification.

Can I make my assessment anonymously?

Yes, you have the choice to identify themselves or not before submitting your review. This is up to you. We will honor his wish respecting their privacy. Note carefully the option of sending the anonymous evaluation form filling. After the publication of the evaluation is not possible to make it anonymous.

My assessment will be reviewed before published?

All reviews undergo revision before publication. In this case there is no change in content. However, your assessment may be discarded if you violate our [Terms of Use] (/ terms).

You can request additional information about a hostel?

Yes, whenever possible we will help you additional information about the inns. Describe your questions via our contact form intermediaremos looking to clarify them with agility.

How do I suggest a hostel that is not listed?

There are two ways of suggesting a new hostel: 1. Contacting us and informing the basic data of the inn as name, location and contact. Our team will do the rest! 2nd. Speaking directly responsible for the inn. Ask him to access the site and get in touch with us. We are here to remove all doubt! Our membership process is online, fast and simple.

As my data is shared with the inns?

Your personal data are shared only with the hotels in which you make a reservation. Your name, CPF / CNPJ email and will be available to the hostel days before their entry and will remain available after departure. Furthermore, data from customers such as name, age, identity document number, address, phone, among others, may also be provided to facilitate the inn since completing the National Registration Form * Guest * (FNRH) .