Espírito Santo

About Espírito Santo

Holy Spirit is a state located in the southeastern region of Brazil, with the capital city of Victoria. The main cities of the state are its capital Victoria, Sierra, Vila Velha, Cariacica, Itapemirim Waterfall, Linhares, Colac, Matthew, Guarapari which is known for its beaches and islands, Itapemirim, Afonso Claudio and Sell New Immigrant. The state has numerous attractions in addition to its beaches such as Guarapari, Long Beach, Sua beach, Camburi beach and beach Corner. Those who visit the state should also take the opportunity to know the Convent of Our Lady of the Rock in Old Town, the Anchieta Palace in Vitoria, the churches of Santa Luzia, the Rosary Church, Church of Saint Mary Garcia and the beautiful Parque Moscoso. Also Caparaó National Park, the peak of Itabira, the Friar stones and the Nun, the waterfall Itapemirim, are great attractions in the Holy Spirit. To learn more about the coastal tourism, religious, nautical, agritourism and ecotourism in the Holy Spirit, they are organized by Tourist Routes. These include the Route Caparaó, the Valleys and Coffee Route, Route of the Sun and stew, Sea Route and the Mountains and others, which are separated by important places to visit for those who want to know more about the Espirito Santo state and some specific places. Holy Spirit is considered the land of the king of romantic music, Roberto Carlos and also the actor Stênio Garcia and the Muse of Bossa Nova singer, Nara Leão. Some of the most popular traditional festivals and in the Holy Spirit, is that of Our Lady of the Rock, Kings Bois in the Christmas cycle, Cachoeiro Day happens to agricultural exhibitions, popular shows, parades and many other attractions. Among the typical capixaba cuisine stand out capixaba pie, stew, muma crab and caranguejada. The crock pot is part of the main cultural element of the preparation of Espirito Santo food.