Entre Rios de Minas

About Entre Rios de Minas

The city of Entre Rios de Minas is located in Minas Gerais, in the Upper Paraopeba region. The city was the birthplace of the Horse Campolina and is the birthplace of Santa Manoelina the Coconut; simple woman that according to belief performed many miracles. The city is also known for the quality cachaça produced in the region. The cozy atmosphere of Entre Rios is provided by quiet streets with preserved mansions, besides the beautiful architectures of the Church of Our Lady of Delicioso that has neo-gothic influences, dated 1928, and the beautiful building of the Hospital Cassiano Campolina, built in 1910. The city is home to natural wonders like waterfalls and mountains, and is a suitable for the practice of outdoor sports like rock climbing, hang gliding, mountain biking *, * Hiking *, among other locations. Among the natural monuments there are the waterfalls of Gordo, the Faleiros, the Coconut, the Diniz and Forest; beyond the mountains of Camapuã and Possum (this mostly located in the neighboring municipality of Jeceaba), which stand out in relief. The famous Harvest Festival is one of the main traditions of Entre Rios de Minas. The celebration, which takes place 54 years ago in July, is in thanks for the harvest and move the region, attracting thousands of people. Striking and picturesque, Entre Rios de Minas also offers a variety of hotels, bars and restaurants to welcome tourists all year round.

Entre Rios de Minas, MG
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