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The small and rustic town in the mountainous region of Espírito Santo, about 50 km from the capital Victoria, where is the nearest airport.

The average annual temperature is always below 20° C, which is considered to be cold for the Brazilians. The climate varies between 8° C and 28° c.

Low winter temperatures create the romantic mood that couples in honeymoon seek climates; the atmosphere is so perfect that the city was voted the most romantic of the country.

Known as "boot camp" and/or "Green" city, the municipality is framed by the Atlantic forest and is home to more than 1,800 metres peaks of altitude.

The main attraction is the Pedra Azul State Park, with several trails that lead to natural pools and the main postcard from serra; the Blue Stone; a rock formation of 1822 meters that displays blue colour depending on the solar lighting throughout the day.

The adventure sports also attract many visitors who wish to practice trekking, rappelling, rafting and horseback riding. One of the waterfalls of Domingos Martins, the most frequented are Maud and Saint Florian with natural pools.

The train ride through the mountains is a must; the path passes through tunnels, bridges and waterfalls. More than a thousand species of plants, especially orchids and bromeliads, are found in the reserve Kautsky.

In Nick's district are the most comfortable restaurants that serve pasta and fondues among other options.

The city was settled by Germans and Italians that preserve the culture through buildings, parties and typical gastronomy. For more than 20 years takes place in January to Sommerfest, German party with dances, parades and other folkloric manifestations.

The natural beauties added to the cultural wealth and cozy guesthouses make of Domingos Martins the most captivating of the Sierra.

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