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Pousada Sítio do Nômade


About Pousada Sítio do Nômade

The Pousada Sítio from Nomad lies in Domingos Martins-Holy Spirit-4 Km from the city centre and 14 kilometres from the Waterfall of the rooster. The hotel offers WiFi, Garden, reading room, parking and a delicious breakfast.
Feed Garden Policies
Breakfast Fireplace Pets
    Smoking Allowed
Treatment Entertainment  
Languages ​​(Spanish) Reading room Technology
Languages ​​(French)   Wireless Internet (WiFi)
Languages ​​(English) Sport and Leisure Reception Cellular
24 Hour Reception Pool (Claro)
    Cell Phone Reception (Hi)
Comfort and Convenience Payment Reception Mobile (TIM)
BBQ Cash Cell Phone Reception
Parking   (Live)
Parking Uncovered   Voltage 110V
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January 6, 2016
May 2, 2015
User of theKekanto
January 4, 2015
Located 4 km from the Centre of Domingos Martins and accessible by a dirt road, the site of the Nomad has rustic style and eco-friendly construction.

It has two cabins with suite and bathroom and a larger cabin with 3 suites, lounge and BBQ. All chalets have a balcony with a beautiful view surrounded by lots of green and a dam. The room is clean and the linens are very white and fragrant.

The only drawbacks are some small insects that appear from time to time from the Woods, the bed is small, the Sun enters the room at 6:0 in the morning and you wake up do you have blecautina and to go in the summer is a little tricky because the room has no air conditioning, just ceiling fan.

Has no recreation area.

Mr. Anthony, owner of the establishment, is super helpful, communicative and is keen to maintain good attendance.

The breakfast is good and with good options.

Also serves dinner with homemade pasta accompanied by a good wine.

Great place to relax, enjoy nature and feel at home! [Courtesy ofKekanto]