About Curitiba

Curitiba is the capital of the State of Paraná, in southern Brazil. The city is one of cultural poles in Brazil, with an artistic diversity, religious, architectural, gastronomic and how in a few places in the country!

Curitiba is famous as a town developed economically, and that even though technology and efficient, was elected as a more environmentally sustainable of Latin America.

Regardless of the modern facades, Curitiba also has its more intimate side and retro. Houses of the European immigrants who came to colonize and develop the town, still stands up, bringing a bit of the history of the place with you.

With so many immigrant influences, agenda cultural de Curitiba impresses! Restaurants Italian cuisine, animated and pastries filled with homemade recipes share space with more Polish numerous other delicious gastronomic destinations!

Tourism in the city is multi-faceted, offering several options for different ages and tastes. Curitiba has one of the most important and renowned theater festivals of Brazil, which can be seen at the Opera de Arame, postcard of the city.

The grape Festival celebrates Italian colonization of the region, and the four parties Matsuri that happen throughout the year, extols the Japanese Immigration on site.

Already the most famous postcard of the city is the Botanical Garden. Located in the midst of symmetrical gardens, manicured trails, is a metal and glass structure that holds in its interior several species of plants of the Atlantic forest.

Curitiba weather also attracts a lot of tourists because it is colder and mild, becoming an excellent choice for those who enjoy wine and a fireplace! The city offers several options for accommodation in hotels and hostels.

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