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Cunha is located in the Alto Paraiba between the Serra da Bocaina and Break - Cangalha. Is 230 km from the state capital and 46 km from the town of Paraty, Rio de Janeiro. The climate is dry and temperatures ranging from -3 ° C to 15 ° C in winter and 15 ° C to 25 ° C during summer. Surrounded by the Atlantic Forest, Cunha joins easy access and numerous attractions. The city is the largest producer of pinion state and has the largest VW party of Brazil. It is one of the cities considered climatic health resort, good food, parks, waterfalls and trails. In the script of the waterfalls stand out the pepper, which is adjacent to the Museum of Ancient Power Hydroelectric Power Plant and waterfall has good water for bathing. The Exile Waterfall houses two jumps with considerable volume of water, bathing in the natural pool that is formed there, is only indicated for people great experience in swimming. For trekking practitioners there are two historic trails, the Gold Trail with 45 km route done in three days, and the Royal Road with four-hour journey. Both were opened in the eighteenth century, they are full of waterfalls and overlook the sea. The State Park Serra do Mar has three options on tracks, two of them made only accompanied by guide. Two kilometers uphill climb leading to the top of Stone Macela; the top of its 1840 meters above sea level looks out at the beautiful scenery of the city of Paraty, Ilha Grande Bay, part of Angra dos Reis and the whole mountain region. The program can not be left out is to visit the workshops that produce the famous ceramic pieces. Open to the public, the workshops offer variety of decorative objects, sculpture and utility articles. Between the months of April and May is held Pinion Festival when many establishments serving delicacies based seed produced in the region. Although it seems too quiet, a short walk around the city reveals attractions and hotels to suit couples, families or group of adventurers.

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Jan 17, 2019