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Red Tails is a district of Santa Cruz Cabrália located south of Bahia. With strong historical tradition, Red Crown claims the primacy of being the site of the landing of the Portuguese discovery of Brazil. Located just 30 minutes from Porto Seguro, you can get there by car or regular bus. A highlight of the beach Red Crown, during low tide, walking track is an extensive stretch of sand that moves towards the sea. Protected by coral reefs, is quiet, with shallow waters and sand. Among its attractions is a cross that marks the spot where the first Mass was held in Brazil. The beach also has a replica of the image of Our Lady of Good Hope, brought by Cabral. There are also a lot of movement with tents and Indian handicraft shops. With good infrastructure for tourism, Red Tails offers hostels, hotels, craft, gastromia, culture and history for the tourists who visit.

Santa Cruz Cabrália, BA
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