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Half of the crown is a neighborhood in the city of Aracaju, state of Sergipe, and the beach is also known as Praia dos Artistas. The beach was one of the first of Aracaju and today it is not advisable to bathe because it has some parts that are polluted. But you can enjoy the beautiful view that Half Crown provides. The Half Crown neighborhood is well structured and has the Riomar Shopping and dining options with the best Sergipe cuisine. At 40 meters high and located on the beach of Half Crown the lighthouse is one of the most popular points of Aracaju. Built after the deactivation of the Old Lighthouse, its creation was need, because the place where the former was, there were a number of buildings around it. In Crown Half are various accommodation options with hotels in great location, offering comfort and hospitality.

Aracaju, SE
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May 25, 2017