Conceição do Mato Dentro

About Conceição do Mato Dentro

Conceição do Mato dentro is a small town and municipality in the State of Minas Gerais. Despite its size, the city has several tourist attractions, in addition to a remarkable title of mining capital of ecotourism.

Cachoeira do Tabuleiro is considered and was elected in 2005 by especializdas publications on tourism as the prettiest of Brazil!

Waterfalls, alias, are a chapter a part in the region. Conceição do Mato Dentro has waterfalls for all types of tourist, both for the more adventurous who like most challenging tracks, as for those who want to enjoy a quiet walk in family, enjoying a stunning waterfall.

Conceição do mato Dentro also has a list of must-see festivities for tourists and inhabitants, as the Festival of Nossa Senhora do Rosário dos Pretos, which takes place on 01/01, and also the Festival da Cachaça held annually the day 15/11 to 18/11.

The city's climate is tropical of altitude, thus having summers of high temperature and humidity, and relatively cold and dry winters.

Conceição do Mato Dentro is only 167km of Belo Horizonte by highway MG-10 passing also known town of Lagoa Santa and the beautiful and lush Serra do Cipó.

Conception counts with great infrastructure for tourism having on its main and most hostels sought hosting means. There are also a variety of restaurants and bars.

Conceição do Mato Dentro, MG
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