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Conceição do Ibitipoca and the Ibitipoca State Park. District of Lima Duarte, Conceição do Ibitipoca, inside miner has guided walks for caves, mountains and waterfalls.

Conceição do Ibitipoca is a district of Lima Duarte, in mining, in the Serra da Mantiqueira, 295 km from the capital. Its main tourist importance is located just 3 km from the entrance of the Ibitipoca State Park. With that, those who want to visit the place and do the guided walks can stay in place. To reach the district, you must enter the city by BR 267 and then walk over 27 km on dirt road.

Since the rides at the Ibitipoca State Park require walks can be long, the best time of year to visit this place is during the months of April and September, when it rains less and temperatures are milder. In winter, the averages are around 10 degrees.

Although the Park is open to the public, who want to meet for real the region can hire guides and do the three existing scripts. The circuit Window of heaven is the route that passes through the high peaks and lush caves, as the peak of the cruise and the cave of three arches, in addition to the Red River, Cachoeirinha and closing the tour on site which gives its name to the circuit and that refers to a waterfall where the sky reflects in its crystal clear waters.

Other scripts are the water Circuit and the circuit of the top. The highest point of the Ibitipoca State Park is the peak of the Spine, the 1800 m altitude, from where one has a view of 360 degrees. Those who wish to enter the Park must be prepared physically for long tracks, which feature the walks. However, it is also possible to enter the Park and do a fun picnic with the family, which can happen only in the camping area.

Conceição do Ibitipoca was born along with the municipality to which it belongs, which became independent from 1881. Referring to your name, there are studies that indicate that the translation of Ibitipoca for tupi means "stone house", which refer to the existence of so many caves in the region. For researchers, however, claiming that the place name refers to "Sierra clicking" due to thunderstorms common in serra.

Tourists who wish to stay in Conceição do Ibitipoca are wide variety of houses for rent, chalets, hotels, farm as well as hostels and hotels, in addition to campsites. So the options are ideal for the most varied profiles of travelers, from those who want to save up to the tourists who are with the whole family. To taste the typical dishes miners, the place has a wide variety of restaurants.

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