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About Conceição da Barra

The famous resort of Conceição da Barra lies to the North of the State, 250 km from the capital Victoria by BR-101.

The predominant climate is tropical dry with average maximum of 30° C and minimum of 16° C mild. The rainfall period focuses between the months of September to January.

The extensive beaches, warm waters and circumvented by restinga are one of the main attractions for those visiting Conceição da Barra. Lighthouse Beach lies between the mouth of the river Cricaré and the Farol da Barra, shelters and kiosks have sea good for surfing and fishing.

The bar in the Centre, plus warm water has small shallow and crystal-clear pools. Very popular for fishing and surfing, the beach of Guaxindiba is 3 km from the Centre.

The wharf of the port meets the end of the afternoon large audience waiting to contemplate the wonderful and colorful sunset. The boat trips along the river Cricaré also ensures lovely views.

It is worth visiting the Church of Nossa Senhora da Conceição, which although it has characteristics of the 16th century was only erected in the 19TH century. The Flona do Rio Preto ecological paradise surrounded by green invites you to walk and trails in the midst of nature.

During the summer season the high point is the city street carnival, Brazil's third and the first of the Holy Spirit. The trios elétricos, street blocks and traditional dances promote excitement and fun.

The dishes and snacks more served in local restaurants have as main ingredients fish and seafood.

Founded in 1554, Conceição da Barra has the legend that the city was born of a fiery Kiss between the sea and the river Cricaré.

Basis for meeting the Itaúnas district, the city has urban beaches, parties, activities to entertain, and guesthouses to support the stay of tourists.

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