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Hill is a city in the Midwest of the State of Maranhão in the Northeast region of the 440km of the capital São Luis.

The climate is damp hills to be near the Itapecuru River. The average temperature during the day is 34 degrees and can reach Nice 20 overnight. The rainy and dry seasons are well defined throughout the year.

Hills, named Peaks, was emancipated in April 1981 and received the current name in 1943.

Hills is culturally very rich and very known for dances: Bumba-meu-boi, Jaraguá, Lindô and Drum-Creole. The Vaquejada held at Ajith Park, takes place annually in July, is featured in the region.

Considered one of the best rodeos in the State attracts crowds of Maranhão and across Brazil. The city is filled with tourists and joy.

The key sights of Hills are the seaside resorts of salt spray, Cambirimba and Bamboo, José María Lima, the picket line, the Hill Two Irmças, the spa and the Praça da Alegria.

Rice and flour of water are the basic ingredients of typical cooking. The cycle of rice is the most famous typical dish and available in the restaurants of hills.

By rich cookery, by the vaquejada or beautiful Spas, worth knowing hills hosting in one of its beautiful inns.

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