About Ceará

The state of Ceará is located in the northeast of Brazil, with the capital city of Fortaleza and is well known for its beautiful beaches, its religiosity and also for being the birthplace of great talents humor. Ceará has many beaches have highlighted the Jericoacoara, Futuro beach, beach Canoa Quebrada, Cumbuco beach, beach Flecheiras, Morro Branco beach, beach of Ponta Grossa and the beach Porto das Dunas, where is located the Beach Park, one of the largest water parks in Latin America. Some of the illustrious revelations of Ceará was Chico Anysio, Renato Aragão, Tom Cavalcante, and is also Rachel land Queiroz, Dom Helder Camara, Padre Cicero and other great names of Brazil. One of the great symbols of Ceará culture is the raft, boat made of wood and used by artisanal fishermen. Some traditional festivals in the state are the Miss Ceará, Cine Ceará which is one of the most important film festivals in Brazil, Fortal micareta and Ceará Music with national and international bands. The biggest religious festival is the June Festival, which takes place in July. The musical rhythm that predominates in Ceará is the dance, as the traditional forró foot mountain, and the balloon, creating Humberto Teixeira and Luiz Gonzaga. Other famous musical genres and traditions in the state are the seresteiros and repentistas. In cities like Massapê, Russian, Leftover, Camocim and Aracati, one can find the baskets, hats and braided straw made of vines, bamboo and carnauba, in various shapes and designs. These crafts are popular in Ceará. The Ceará typical dishes are the pork meat, chicken and beef, with rice and beans and cooked together, paying off the famous balloon dish of two. Besides him, other dishes are well known in the region as the sarapatel, sarrabulho, buchada, tack, corned beef and panelada.