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Carrancas is a charming mining town that is increasingly consolidating as tourist pole.

The climate in Frowns is very pleasant being characterized as tropical altitude. In summer the average temperature is 26 degrees and rain occur in reasonable volume. Winters are cold and dry attracting couples in love in search of a warm and romantic.

The city is part of two of the most important tourist circuits of Minas Gerais: Royal Road and trail of the Inconfidentes.

The Church of Carrancas 1720 date and is recognized for having in its interior works made by the discipleship of Aleijadinho, master Joaquim José da Natividade.

Tourism in Carrancas is booming and has won the title of 4th wonder of Minas Gerais.

Tourists seek in Masks for its beautiful mountains, caves, waterfalls and wells, anyway, the diverse and rich nature. The city is known as "the land of Waterfalls".

The meeting between the Cerrado and Atlantic forest creates amazing landscapes in addition to a rich fauna that attract birders and nature lovers from around the Brazil that venture by several trails of the region in search of a closer contact with the environment.

The gastronomy of Frowns, and could not be otherwise, is rich and delicious cuisine specializing in Mining. Just stop at any restaurant to be delighted by delicacies such as feijão tropeiro, tenderloin with tutu, angu and chicken with okra.

Carrancas offers complete infrastructure to welcome tourists with great choices of pousadas in addition to bars and diverse restaurants.

Carrancas, MG
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