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Carolina is a town located in the south of the state of Maranhão and distant 833 kilometers from the capital São Luís.

Carolina is famous in the tourist circuit for its beautiful waterfalls and especially for being the main access to the National Park of Chapada das Mesas. The city is located on the right bank of the Tocantins River.

The weather in carolina has well-defined seasons and is classified as tropical. The months of November to April are the most popular choices of 1600mm annual rainfall and average annual temperature is between 30 and 35 degrees.

The municipality is very popular for business tourism, adventure and eco-friendly and is inserted in the tourism region known more for the Pole of the Waters and the National Park of Chapada das Mesas.

The National Park of Chapada das Mesas, the main attraction of the region is very popular with fans of ecotourism in search of excitement in its rock formations, canyons, trails and waterfalls. The curious name is due to their large hills flat top due to erosion and that because of that remember the format of the tables.

The main attractions sought by tourists are: the Waterfall of Stone, Fallen, Waterfall of Silver, the Waterfalls Itapecuru, Island of the Boats, the Hill of the Figures, Morro do Chapéu, the Portal of the Chapada diamantina, Beaches of Tocantins, Cachoeira de São Romão, Waterfall of the Dodo, the Spa Praiolandia, Spa Falling water, Pit Blue, Charm Blue, Waterfall, Ilia, Waterfall Garrafal, Tocantins River, the Waterfall of the Chaplain and the Cave and Waterfall of Santa Barbara.

The cuisine is a strong point of the culture Carolinense with a lot of focus on the products of the region, freshwater fish and cassava as the basis for the preparation of many typical dishes. The sweet fruit native to the region are also very well-known.

The city has many events throughout the year such as Carnival, the previous edition, Feast of St. Peter and Alcantara, Festa Junina, and the Endurance of the Cerrado.

The town of Carolina account with complete infrastructure of bars, inns and commerce to welcome the tourists that will venture out and enjoy this beautiful city, its gastronomy and its natural charms.

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