Carmo do Rio Claro

About Carmo do Rio Claro

Carmo do Rio Claro is a mining town located in the southwest of Minas Gerais and is bathed by the dam.

The climate in Carmo do Rio Claro is defined by dry winters and wet summers. Between December and January there is the highest concentration of rain while from April to September is the driest period. The average winter temperature is 16 degrees while in summer 27 degrees.

Carmo do Rio Claro is much sought after by tourists with its main attractive nature, beautiful mountains, waterfalls, Serra da Tormenta and of course the Furnas Lake where fishing activities are practiced and also watersports.

The key sights of Carmo do Rio Claro are: Joy falls, waterfall Santa Quiteria, waterfall Water, Indigenous Archaeology Museum Antônio Adauto milk, Pie Bridge and Serra da Tormenta.

For lovers of adventure Carmo do Rio Claro is a great option. In Storm and in the Furnas Lake can be practiced sports: mountain biking, trekking, abseiling, rock climbing, horseback riding and even paraglider flights.

We cannot speak of Carmo do Rio Claro not to mention its craftsmanship in hand loom and their homemade pastries. The handicraft tradition of Carmo do Rio Claro began in the 18th century with the slaves that used cotton for weaving. Soon this tradition has spread through the region and became an important part in trade and development of the city.

Casey's story begins in the mid 18th century starting as a small Festival for after becoming district and finally in November 5, 1877 a municipality through emancipation.

The town is also recognized by traditional hospitality and common to the interior of Minas Gerais.

Carmo do Rio Claro offers several options of hostels for those who want to learn the craft of the region, venturing through the Serra da Tormenta or rest enjoying Lake Furnas and its charms.

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