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Hidden on a peninsula to the South of Bahia, with the airport of Porto Seguro, which is 115 km, as the gateway to the city. To get to the village it is necessary to cross a river in small boats.

The sun shines all year round, but in the winter months, from June to August the rains are plentiful. The average temperature is 24.6° c.

The rustic style of the streets and houses gives the impression that the city's standing at the time. Without cars and cell phone signal almost non-existent, Caraiva is the perfect place to rest and relax.

To reach the beaches need to walk for 40 minutes, but the effort pays off. The beach of Caraíva has 2 km of extension, clear waters and soft sands, a few bars and tents available.

Peace is the main adjective Satu Beach, surrounded by coconut trees, cliffs and freshwater ponds. Juacema has weak waves and reefs that form pools.

The Old Bar is near the village of pataxó Indians, after an hour and a half walk.

The rio Caraíva by boat or speedboat is the city's attractions, as well as enjoy the beauties of mangue, you can admire the most spectacular sunsets in the region.

The adventurous can desceras Caraíva River float excitement guaranteed.

To dive in the waters of Ponta do Corumbau, is better than the tide is low, and it is necessary to combine with a boatman to make return at the end of the day.

The forro of Caraíva is famous throughout the South of the State, so much so that attracts tourists from other towns to drag his feet. The houses are crowded mainly in the holiday period.

Restaurants are served fish and fruit juices and typical of the Northeast, but the nights are watered the pizza.

Preserved nature, beautiful beaches, peace and forró are the great charms of the small village.

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