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Canoa Quebrada a Brazilian beach, which lies in the State of Ceará. The beach is located in the municipality of Aracati.

Canoa Quebrada is highly sought after for its rustic structure and deserted. Along the beach you can see the Palm trees, and the high cliffs and colorful.

On the beach of Canoa Quebrada, in a cliff was sculpted in great proportions the symbol of the city. The symbol that is a half moon with a star is already recognized as the mark of Canoa Quebrada. Impossible not to want to take a picture!

One of the attractions of the beach are also the peddlers and artisans who offer art in coloured sands simulating the local cliffs, and handicrafts made from coconut.

Meet the natives fishing traditionally in their rafts also attracts the eyes of visitors.

The sunset seen from above the cliffs is also one of the most anticipated programs of Canoa Quebrada, for being an incredibly romantic landscape offer for lovers.

Canoa quebrada offers many options of Inns mostly concentrated near the famous Broadway Street which brings together trade, bars and restaurants.

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Oct 21, 2018