About Canela

The charming city of Canela is located in Serra Gaúcha, Rio Grande do Sul. Is nearby the famous lawn, but it lags behind in terms of beauty and tourist attractions!

Some of the most sought after tourist destinations in the city are: the cascade of Caracol, stone Cathedral, Catholic church built in Gothic-English style that stands out by the stained glass Windows and external lighting, which makes their view something special.

The town lies in the Região das Hortênsias, thanks to the gardens of hydrangeas planted throughout the region. Predominantly German colonization, outlines in its European traits Cinnamon architecture, cuisine, and culture!

The climate of Cinnamon is humid subtropical, with mild temperatures during the summer, but with strict temperature winters and frost.

A special charm of Shins are your cozy hostels very sought after by couples on honeymoon or looking for romantic vacations.

Canela, RS
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