Campos do Jordão

About Campos do Jordão

Campos do Jordao is a municipality that is in the interior of São Paulo, in the Mountain range. The city is considered the "Brazilian Switzerland" for its architecture which is based in Europe buildings, and also for its cool climate. Campos do Jordao is one of the counties considered climate resorts. Campos Do Jordao are several activities to do and know the city, such as hiking. The points for this tour are also many, because the city provides places with natural scenery of incredible beauty and peace for those who want to relax. Tours by centrinho Capivari in Horto Florestal, in the monastery of Benedictine nuns, galharada Waterfall trail, river sapucaí trail, walk to the Stone Chest, are some of the most sought after locations. In addition to the walk, other activities are practiced in the city, as the cachoeirismo, tree climbing and biking moutain. Some major attractions in the city are the Museum Felicia Leimer, House Woodcut which is the only museum in the country dedicated to this technique, the Brewery Baden Baden among others. The options of hotels in Campos do Jordao are located in recesses in the middle of the native forest or in the tourist heart in the mountains means the city that provide comfort and tranquility to its guests. In the Campos do Jordao is no shortage of dining options that offer the best food! Restaurants explore the flavors of trout, exotic meats, pinion and others who earn special flavor in the specialized food kitchens in French, Japanese, Italian, Spanish and many others. In addition they offer fine wines and craft beers for connoisseurs. Capivari Centrinho is also a beautiful and trendy place to meet in the city. The nightlife in Centrinho is quite busy in their in their restaurants, bars and cafes. The architecture there is the tourist understand the Jordan Fields reason is now known as the "Brazilian Switzerland". Also visit the Monastery of the Nuns of St. John Benedictine, which gets in the way of the Boa Vista Palace. The nature, peace and spirituality reign in this beautiful place in Campos do Jordao.

Campos do Jordão, SP
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Scattered Rain
Feb 15, 2019