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Located in the state of Paraiba, the city of Campina Grande is part of Agreste, the Plateau of Borborema and Serra do Boturité. Campina Grande has diversity in flora, with distinct vegetation and its climate is moderate temperatures, with rain in the fall and winter seasons. Summer temperatures in Campina Grande are higher with a maximum of 30 ° C and minimum of 29 ° C. The city is rich in tourism and leisure options, as is the heir to the northeastern Brazilian culture, with cultural events such as folk dances, pastoral, junina gang, among others. For those who want to enjoy the big events in the city, can not fail to visit her in times of events such as the Violeiros Festival, The Greater Saint John of the World, the rodeos and more. In Campina Grande tourists find plenty of sights such as theaters, museums with highlights at the Museum Luiz Gonzaga, Art Museum Assis Chateaubriand, cultural centers. Also its green areas are a major attraction for those who enjoy traveling and always be in touch with nature, as in Campina Grande are dams as the Bodocongó, the Forest Forest and the Stones Park. Campina Grande had its foundation on the 1st of December 1967, and is now a major university center, besides being one of the largest technology centers in Latin America and be among the main industrial centers of northeastern Brazil. The Campina Grande restaurants offer diverse cuisine and typical dishes of the state of Paraiba, like the famous ballad of two, goat stew, tidy, tapioca, fried fish, boiled peanuts and many other options. The city of Campina Grande offers a wide range of options to stay in hotels.

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