About Campeche

The Campeche beach is frequented by many surfers as the characteristic March attracts a young crowd. Campeche is actually an eclectic beach with several options for young people and also for families. Is performed several tours boats and schooners to paradise Campeche Island, which is 2km away from the beach. The place has archaeological sites, trails and you can see beautiful fish using snorkel. The main avenue of Campeche honors one of its most distinguished visitors, the writer Antoine de Saint-Exupery, author of "The Little Prince" and who visited the beach in the 20s The dunes of Campeche is tumbled as Natural Heritage and Landscape the city, and are located along the beach. The nature reserves are also a strong tourist attraction of the place, the Pond of Chica and the Little Pond. For accommodation, the hostels options are larger than the hotels. Along the coast there are many bars specializing in seafood and the famous sequence of shrimp. In the Little Prince and Campeche avenues there are options of vegetarian food, steak, pizza and more.

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