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Camboriú is in the region of Santa Catarina, the BR-101. Florianopolis leaving are 91 km, Camboriú is only 5 km. Although summer is hot, the temperatures do not reach 40 ° C. During the winter the average is at around 15 ° C. The privileged location makes Camboriú a distinct city, with climate field and near the coast. The highlights are the bucolic landscapes who are eligible to enjoy moments of leisure and adventure. Pico da Pedra and a wonderful view brings together practitioners gliding, hang gliding and paragliding. In rural areas, through the rainforest to Dry Waterfall has waterfall over 20 meters high and singular beauty. Among the cultural attractions there is the Church of the Holy Spirit, built in colonial Portuguese in 1849. Other cultural historical attractions such as the Palace of Antonio Maria, the Church of Caetés and the Houses of Linhares and Garcia are traditional places to visit . The famous neighbor Camboriú option is to vary the lull. The various crowded beaches, nightlife, shopping, and restaurants ranging from seafood and the gaucho barbecue are only 15 minutes drive away. Camboriú provides an atmosphere of peace and serenity formed by the green of the forest, rivers, waterfalls and other environmental wonders. The tour is completed by hotels and restaurants who care for maintaining the rustic air.

Camboriú, SC
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Apr 17, 2019