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The city is located in the northeastern region of Rio Grande do Sul, 240 km from the capital by the BR-290.

The climate is typical of high altitude of about 1,000 meters, and suffers constant influences of polar masses. Moisture is present both during the harsh winter as in summer.

Cambará do Sul is known as the land of canyons that make up a valuable national treasure. The city is the main means of access to the parks Aparados da Serra and Serra Geral where the main attractions are the great canyons.

The main postcard, the Itaimbezinho Canyon, is in Supported of the Sierra and has great proportions, are 720 meters in height and 6 km long.

The Park still offers three options on trails, all accompanied by a guide and with various levels of difficulty.

The most accessible is the apex, lasting 45 minutes and a privileged view of the waterfall of Andorinhas.

The Elbow track requires more than two hours of walking and passes by the Bridal Veil Falls and ends with the landscape of Itaimbezinho.

The more arduous is the ox River, with path of seven hours.

In the Parque estadual da Serra Geral there is the trail to the stone of the secret, which passes through the black tiger falls, and ends with a view of the imposing Canyon of the fortress.

To complete the picture there is a multitude of waterfalls, rivers and forests. The biggest impact is the horse riding, in July with a duration of seven days.

Barbecue in the ditch and roasted pine nuts on the plate are some of the local delicacies, always accompanied by wine and mate.

In winter, between May and August the fog is less risk, which ensures the visibility in viewpoints.

The natural beauty and the charm of the serra gaúcha captivates tourists who always return to Cambará do Sul and staying in your beautiful inns..

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