About Camanducaia

Camanducaia is a city which sits at the South end of the State of Minas Gerais and is highly sought after by its climate, nature and fine Inns.

Camanducaia offers numerous tourist attractions to its visitors. The city was dubbed as "Switzerland mineira" considering all the Green that surrounds the town, along the mountains in its surroundings.

The temperature during the year is mild, with low temperatures during the winter.

Camanducaia tourism is more focused on nature, having the District of Monte Verde as main destination. Those who visit the city searches for programs involved in activities involving the exuberant nature of the region and its mild climate.

Treks and climbing are some of the most practiced activities in the region.

The Grotto José Pereira is a famous tourist attraction of the place. For those who like trout, fishing is allowed in the waterfall in specific times of the year, Quinzinho.

In addition to the numerous tourist attractions, Camanducaia offers commemorative events in their festive dates, as Carnival in the street, Festa do Peão Boiadeiro and birthday of the city.

The city and region have great structure to receive well with numerous hotels and guesthouses to suit all tastes!

Camanducaia, MG
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