About Camaçari

Camaçari is popularly known as the Industrial City, and is located approximately 41 km from Salvador, Bahia. The city began the banks of the famous river Joanes, when there was the creation of the Village of the Holy Spirit, around 1558. The town already had the New Abrantes Village name of the Holy Spirit, Vila de Abrantes, Montenegro and only in 1920 his name was set to Camaçari, meaning "tree crying" in Tupi-Guarani. The city is home to over 40 miles of beautiful beaches and lush well structured and surrounded by numerous restaurants and inns. These beaches are located in the districts of Abrantes, Arembepe, Jacuipe Bar, Busca Vida, Guarajuba, Itacimirim and Jaua, representing the path of the Seven Heavens. It is the sun and beach tourism! In summer there is a big movement in these places, because events occur as the Arembepe festival and washes, where the Bahian music gains voice in the municipal waterfront. In the city also is the traditional celebration of the Ox January Screw, which hosts performances of music and dance as Mirim Boi party bolt and screw Samba de Caboclo. Another place that tourists should not miss is the City of Knowledge, which is a great social program and considered the most important center of recognition and inclusion of Bahia. In Camaçari is also the Unica Museum (Universe of Children and Adolescents), focused on children and youth. The city offers complete infrastructure to serve tourists with plenty of leisure facilities, beaches, tours, hotels, inns, bars, ballads, and restaurants.

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Jan 18, 2019