Caldas Novas

About Caldas Novas

Caldas Novas is a municipality in Goiás, famous for its warm waters and soothing.

The city receives each year thousands of tourists, families and senior citizens groups seeking recreational activities offered by the parks, hotels, hostels, and also for young people who want a good fun in the famous parties of Caldas Novas.

The city was voted as the world's largest hydrothermal resorts, has a large volume of hot water thanks to the Parque Estadual da Serra de Caldas Novas, who was conceived in order to preserve the sources of these sources of heated and medicinal waters.

The attractions of Caldas Novas are diverse, for the more adventurous, numerous swimming pools with artificial waves, hiking and trails in the reserve, Toboggans, are among the options. For those seeking something a little more tranquil, in the region of several rivers slow water parks are a wonderful choice! The hostels in Caldas Novas are also an invitation to rest and for a romantic weekend.

In November, the city is preparing to host the biggest event of country music from Brazil, the Caldas Country. The festival already recognized internationally, receives an average of 100 thousand visitors per day! This time the search for hosting is great, so booking in advance your Inn in Caldas Novas.

Caldas Novas is always ready to receive guests. Of luxury hotels, the more intimate inns the city offers an unforgettable stay for those who are willing to visit you!

Caldas Novas, GO
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