About Cairu

Cairu is an island in the river archipelago in the Una River, in the state of Bahia and is one of two municipalities archipelagos of Brazil consists of 26 islands. Cairu encompasses the island of Boipeba and Tinharé. Some of the main beaches of Cairu, are the First, Second, Third and Quanta Beach, Praia do Encanto, the Galleon Beach, the Pontal or Barra beach, Praia da Gamboa, the Square Beach and the Morere Beach. The city is surrounded by mangroves and has diving spots as the stones of Benedicta, Tatiba and also Tatimirim. Cairu's main tourist spot Morro de São Paulo, well known for its crystal clear waters and structure that provides options of bars and lots of activities. In Cairu there are some historical buildings and sights to know, as the Church of Our Lady of Light, the Church and the Convent of St. Anthony and the three taps of the Great Source, which was listed in 1943 as Heritage. In Cairu can practice trekking and horseback riding. Some of the trails to practice these activities are the Lighthouse Trail, Trail Sky Fountain, Gamboa-Lion Trail and the Trail in Morro Guarapuá. The city produces coconut-the-bay and palm oil, and the typical dishes of its gastronomy are based on crab and crab, such as stew made of them. These dishes are found in most restaurants in town. Cairu has a great infrastructure to receive tourists with lots of choices of restaurants, hotels and inns of the most economical and family, even the most exquisite.

Cairu, BA
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Mar 20, 2019