About Cáceres

Known as Princess of the Paraguay River, Cáceres is 208 km from Cuiabá, the Alto Pantanal in Mato Grosso state.

Caceres has excellent tourism infrastructure with several options of Inns.

The annual average temperature is 24° c. The coldest month is July with an average of 19° C, and the hottest January has average of 26° C, but the climate is Cáceres is hot and is very common for temperatures to reach the 40° c.

Because it is the main city in the State of Mato Grosso in the Pantanal, the natural attractions are the most sought after by tourists. The boat trip on the River Paraguay is the best way to enjoy the native vegetation, birds, caimans and Capybaras in their natural habitat.

Sport fishing tourism brings many visitors to Caceres, especially when international Fishing Festival, considered the world's largest inland waters.

Other programming that can't be left out is the visit to Dolina miracle water, Lake that formed on top of a hill with crystal clear waters, blue and depth unknown, houses several stories from the era of the slaves.

Worth also checking out the waterfalls of Piratutanga that beyond the falls, has also a cave for the more adventurous.

In addition to the ecological tours in Cáceres are the cultural tours by buildings, farms and churches of 18th-century architecture, and the historical Museum of Caceres who keeps memories of the founding of the city.

As visitation indispensable in Caceres the Jauru it took forty-six years to build along with the Cathedral São Luiz is one of the most sought after by tourists.

The local cuisine as well as being rich in fish, also includes the pequi, exotic fruit other than liquor, enriches dishes of rice and chicken. Another delicacy is the peanut butter cups made in the mortar and pestle with beef jerky and cassava flour.

Initially called Vila-Paraguay, Cáceres are within the legal Amazon.

For those seeking to revitalize the energies in the midst of exuberant nature, preserved history and beautiful inns, Caceres is among the best options in Mato Grosso.

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