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Main municipality of the region of the Lakes is 156 km from Rio de Janeiro and has the International Airport as a means of access.

The tropical climate is responsible for the pleasant temperatures throughout the year. At the height of summer the 40° C are softened by the constant wind.

Cabo Frio is one of the main tourist destinations of Brazil. The beach is the main attraction, being the best-known in the region of lakes and one of the most beautiful in the country. The White Sands and clear waters of shades ranging from green and blue form a charming setting that added to Fort São Matheus, built in 1620, are part of the national patrimony and form one of the most beautiful postcards of the National Seashore.

On foot, by trail to Brava Beach, surrounded by escarpments of 20 meters high and choppy water is preferred by surfers. Ahead lies the island of parrots and the right side area reserved for nudists.

Aquárius beaches and dunes are also options for practitioners of water sports. For families there are many options, Shell Beach is a favorite because it has calm waters and natural pools, as well as the Pontal Beaches and the Southwest are suitable for children and the elderly.

The dunes are the main lure of the Peró beach. The beach of the rocket has deep water and tides, not being indicated for bath, but is ideal for those seeking peace and quiet. The beach of the Palm trees and the Sethi House kiosks with live music.

Already the couples take advantage of the little movement from the beach of São Bento.

It is worth visiting the cultural monuments of the city. As the New Fields Farm is a set of home, Church and cemetery of Jesuit architecture from the late 18th century. The convent our Lady of the angels, the fallen angel and House Scliar are also part of the cultural itinerary.

Cabo Frio has several points with bars and restaurants with live music, but the point of nightlife is the Boulevard channel that offers entertainment throughout the night and early morning hours.

Dishes served in restaurants are the fish and seafood, but there are options for meat and international cuisine.

The seventh oldest municipality in the country began when Amerigo Vespucci arrived to the region in 1503, with the goal of exploring the Pau Brazil, today the city maintains a special reserve of the tree.

The hostels in the region complete the available infrastructure to receive tourists at any time of the year.

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