About Cabedelo

Cabedelo is a city in the State of Paraíba, colonized by the Portuguese, near the capital, João Pessoa.

The coastal town can be considered the easternmost point of the Americas, and has a strong port activity.

Tourism in the city is for its beaches, warm waters and its choppy waves, which encourage the practice of kitesurfing, windsurfing and surfing.

Intermares Beach, one of the most famous is known to be place of spawnings of sea turtles.

The Red beach is also a popular attraction for tourists, since it only appears during low tide, its natural pools and the glimpse of corals and marine animals are the biggest attraction of the place.

For a different program, one option is the jacare Beach, located on the banks of the river Paraíba, where every afternoon a saxophonist in a canoe touches the Bolero by Ravel at sunset, wowing visitors!

In addition to the stunning nature, Cabedelo has impressive historical and cultural attractions. One of them is the fortress of Santa Catarina (UFSC), built by the Portuguese, is a real trip back in time!

The Dry stone Lighthouse is also a huge draw, for being the first lighthouse built in the State of Paraíba.

The wide variety of bars serving typical foods, especially seafood, and several craft fairs, surprised those who visit the site.

The city has great housing options between guesthouses and hotels.

Cabedelo, PB
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