About Cabeça de Boi

The village of Santana do Rio Preto, Head Boi or as it is known, is located in the municipality of Itambé do Mato Dentro, Minas Gerais. Head Boi lies south of the Espinhaço, the rock mass that cuts the states of Minas Gerais, Bahia and Piaui. The only 129 km from Belo Horizonte region is considered one of the most beautiful country It encompasses the National Park of Serra do Cipo, the Environmental Protection Area Morro da Pedreira and municipalities that are part of the Royal Road Circuit. Attractive diverse enchant its visitors. Can highlight Pico Itacolomy Itambé, second highest in the region, the waterfalls and the valley of the Intancado Possessions. The village distributed in around one square has a rare tranquility and bucolic today. With good infrastructure for tourism Head Boi offers good options for hotels, bars and restaurants for tourists who venture into the region.

Itambé do Mato Dentro, MG
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Dec 15, 2018