About Brumadinho

Brumadinho is a Brazilian municipality in the State of Minas Gerais, located in the metropolitan region of Belo Horizonte. Its population is approximately 35 000 inhabitants.

The hostels in Brumadinho are highly sought after by people residing in BH for a short trip over the weekend and by people of all the Brazil and the world that are hosted in the region to meet the famous Inhotim Museum.

The name "Brumadinho" is due to the fact that the site is near the old village of Brumado Old, which in turn had been named by explorers because of the mists common throughout the mountainous region in which lies the town, especially in the mornings.

Brumadinho has several gastronomic options, from traditional local food made in wood stove up to high standard restaurants and exuberant nature and great choices of pousadas.

The ecoturimo is also very well explored in the region showing several leisure options for tourists.

Rola Moça State Park is located in the metropolitan area and is a great choice for relax and rest enjoying nature and enjoying the beautiful scenery.

Beyond nature and beautiful hostels other unmissable attraction of Brumadinho is the Inhotim Institute, with one of the most significant collections of contemporary art in Brazil.

Brumadinho, MG
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